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How do i say....this in Turkish???

How do i say ... My name is Roswan
I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
How are you?

What is the meaning of Naber? Is it Whats up? in Turkish?

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    ●my name is Roswan=benim adım Roswan
    my name=benim adım

    ●I'm from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia=ben Malezya Kuala Lumpur'danım.
    I= ben
    from=..-den / ..dan

    ●How are you ? = nasılsın ?
    how=nasıl ?

    and btw -NABER ? - means -WHAT'S UP ? - ;) you're right ;)
    benim adim ROSWAN. Malesya lumpur danim. Nasilsin?

    yes...... naber?= whats up .

    hi ,while writing; N'aber?

    or Ne haber?

    hi,naber?= how are you?

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