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What tense should be used in "non vedo l'ora di.." expression?

Ciao, could you please explain what verb tense should be used in the expression "non vedo l'ora"?
Grazie mille!

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    Do you mean the verb after "non vedo l'ora"?
    If you are the subject of the other verb, "non vedo l'ora" is usually followed by DI+infinitive: non vedo l'ora di tornare a casa, non vedo l'ora di venire in Italia.
    If someone else is the subject of the other verb, it is followed by CHE+ present subjunctive: non vedo l'ora che venga la primavera, non vedo l'ora che voi veniate in Canada.

    Well, in that example it's present, because you are describing an action in the present. You can't wait, right now. But if you refer to a hypothetical moment, or future, or past, you use the verb accordingly: "Non vedrei l'ora, non vedrò l'ora, non vedevo l'ora" and so on.

    hi maria, puoi aggiungermi ai tuoi contatti per parlare via skype? grazie!

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