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Can someone suggest a nice Russian name for me?

Извините! I'd like to adopt a Russian name to develop my Russian persona. Does anyone have a suggestion? My English name is Kevin (kind, honest, handsome) and Chinese name 'Long' (dragon). It'd be great if the Russian name is similar to either name in terms of meaning or pronunciation, but it's not necesary. Сбасибо!

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    "Кирилл" мне очень нравится и подходит под описание.

    Чтоб совсем быстро влиться в среду есть хорошее русское имя "Иван (Ваня)".


    About Russian names and meaning

    Dima (stressed on the first sillable) would not be difficult to write and pronounce. It's quite popular name in Russia.


    I really like "Добрыня" suggested by Anton, but it might be tricky to pronounce. What do you think about "Леонид"? Check the pronunciation here:

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