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How can I say this using one verb?


The man told him angrily to get out.

The man (.....) him.

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    Specific emotion, such as anger, can be implied by certain words (yell, scream, order) but not necessarily "contain" a specific emotion, unless the context makes it clear. So we could say

    Ordered, as in: The man ordered him out.

    But order does not necessarily imply anger.

    Ordered focuses on telling someone to do something, such as get out. But like eject, dismiss, expel (which focus on the action of "removing" or "debarring" a person), order does not necessarily imply anger.

    In other words, I cannot think of a single word that means "told him angrily to get out."

    But something like: Sally, who was angry, screamed that he get out" would tell us Sally was angry when she screamed.

    Maybe ejected or dismissed, but neither word necessarily implies that it was done angrily.

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