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Would anyone tell me useful English phrases that I can use when playing cards?

I tend to lose any cards game, but all I can do at that time is just to moan.
I really wanna say something witty or funny so I can enjoy the games to the fullest:)!!

Any comments are welcome!

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    'Poker face' (like the song by Lady Gaga) refers to an expression/ a person that shows no emotion. It comes from the game of poker where it would be foolish to show any emotional traits that might ruin the game for you or give people clues about your hand of cards (= the cards you have).


    When I play cards with my boyfriend I use the phrase: Take that!

    Seriously?! You gotta be kidding me! (said when someone surprises you or you thought you were about to win)

    Oh, come on! (said when someone plays something that makes you more likely to lose. Note: This has to be said as though you are angry. Not like "come on, let's go.")

    I'll get you next time. (friendly threat that you will win the next game)

    Best two out of three? (Let's play 3 games and whoever wins 2 of them is the winner)

    You will rue the day! (said often when pointing at someone angrily. It means, they will regret having made you lose!)

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