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Anki do not support Hebrew

I want to remember words by a software called Anki. But I found it could not support Hebrew. Do you have any tips for me? Thanks in advance.

For learning: Hebrew
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    Dear Shangyu, I use Anki, and I fill it with Hebrew!!! : ) It works beautifully. It is currently my main memorization card tool.
    Tell me what you are doing, I might help you along. First of all, do you have Hebrew enabled on your computer? If not it is very easy to enable it, and then Anki should be happy then to receive Hebrew. If you want to activate Hebrew on your computer, it is easy, I put an explanation in a comment below the discussion:
    (one of the last comments below the discussion)
    If you are still having problems, ask me, or go to the help page for Anki and post a question. Maybe get also the newest Anki download. It's free.


    BYKI has Hebrew decks:


    Also you can write to (from and ask if they still have a pre-loaded Hebrew Anki deck for learning Hebrew numbers as a free download, which can help you get started, that is how I got started. I downloaded from them this Anki deck to learn the numbers in Hebrew, and went on to make my own decks with many other words and sentences. You can add sounds too, and pictures. I have more than three thousand Hebrew cards in my decks, I organize them by subject, it's great.

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