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求求你们的帮忙, 我要翻译这句话" 当初我还被妳念得罪人似的"

用韩国语说明最好, 但英语和汉语也还好。

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    " 当初 我 还 被 妳 念 得罪人 似的" = First of all it seems I'm offended by your grudge

    i'm not sure the original sentence is completely native


    当初: in the first place, at the beginning
    念叨:if someone 念叨, they keep talking about something that makes you feel embarrassed or upset

    So this sentence literally means: You blamed me for this at the beginning as if i had been guilty.
    We would say this when we thought someone had done something wrong, but eventually he/she was proved wronged.

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