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ni1, nei1 or nei4 when referring to the word 'this'.

I hear people say ni1 go3 and nei4 go3 when referring to 'this'. Is there any rule on when to use what?

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    If you wan to say "this one" (i.e. this person) it should be the first tone: "ni1 go3 yahn4" or "nī go yàhn". Maybe when you hear "nei5" it is "you", but in that case (i.e. for possession) I think it should be: "nei5 ge3 pang4 yau5" or "néih ge pàhng yáuh", but maybe sometimes people use "go3" instead of "ge3".

    Not sure about "nei4". That is one of the problems with romanization, it is ambiguous. Do you know the character for "nei4"?


    ni1 ne1 nei1 nei4

    粵拼: ni1 / nei1
    [粵][pron][adj] this

    粵拼: ne1
    [1][final particle] used mostly to make a shortened question by repeating only some element of a previous question
    [2][interjection] look; there we are; there it is
    [3][粵]: level

    粵拼: nei4
    [n] woolen cloth

    " ni1 go3" It stands for "this" .For example,i want this apple.我想要呢个(ni1 go3)苹果。
    And "nei4 go3",I am not so sure about that.
    But we say "guo ge"(果个) stands for "that".
    Hope it can help you!:)

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