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Can I say that?

커피를 마십니다. 맛있는 커피.

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    커피를 마십니다. 맛있는 커피.
    = 맛있는 커피를 마십니다.
    First of all, you have to know Korean grammar order.
    English grammar order: S+V+O
    But, Korean grammar order: S+O+V
    So, 맛있는 커피(Object), and 마십니다 is a present verb. Actually you took out Subject (I) because you considered we knew who was Subject( Taking out Subject is normal in Korean, but sometimes, you should cldarly show who is Subject)
    Therefore, you can complete the sentence in Korean: (나는) 맛있는 커피를 마십니다.

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