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All of these words mean 'cold' or 'to cool down'.
I know some usages of them but would still like to be more clear about their meanings and usages/application according to different contexts. I wrote some sentences myself and added some multiple-choice options. Please let me know which one is best suitable word to use in these cases:

1. お風呂の水は「冷たい / 寒い / 冷めてる」。
=> The water in the bath is cold. ( The food/rice (has become) cold. ( Outside is cold ( The oven cooled down. (<-because it was hot a few moments earlier due to something being cooked)


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    2:ご飯は「冷たくなりました or 冷めていました」。
    3:外は「寒くなりました 」。
    4:オーブンが「冷たくなりました 」。


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