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この間、「僕のいた時間」という名前のドラマを見ました。In that drama, I've heard the phrase "そっちは?" used a few times as "What about you?" OR "How about you?" in English.
Here is an example of this in this link:


I can understand the meaning of this phrase completely, I just want to know if this is a formal or an informal word. For example, if I use it with someone older than me and to whom I show respect, or with someone whom I JUST met, will it sound disrespective?

I want to learn this specific usage of this word/phrase in all possible situations, so please teach it to me!

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    It is a abbreviated form of the politer「そちらは?」.
    「そっちは?」is informal and you should not use it to someone older than you.

    I think "そっちは?" is a little informal phrase.
    Politer way would be "そちらは?".

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