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아침 / breakfast and morning?

I'm having troubles with words that have more than one meaning, how to know when people is talking about breakfast or morning? for example: Was you breakfast/morning good? o.o How to use 아침 properly in a sentence?

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    You are right when you say that 아침 is morning. However, breakfast is actually 아침 식사. 식사 means meal, so rather than saying breakfast, you are actually saying 'morning meal.' (comida de la mañana en vez de desayuno, :P)

    "저는 매일 아침 9시에 학교에 가요." I go to school every day at 9 in the morning (9am).
    "아침에 날씨가 좋았어요." The weather was good this morning.
    "좋은 아침!" Good morning!

    "나는 아침 식사에 계란을 먹어요." I eat eggs for breakfast.
    "아침 식사는 싫어요." I hate/ don't like breakfast.

    I hope that helped!

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