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Tidalschleifen + Sollwertautor

i do not understand "Tidalschleifen" and " Sollwertautor", it is used for medical device of lung function measurement

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    Sollwert = nominal value
    Istwert = actual value

    I've never heard "Sollwertautor", but google finds an online manual of a lung function measurement device by a company starting with c where it means "source of nominal value" as in "values by some other patient to compare against" (or maybe potentially another source, it's not entirely clear).

    The same manual says "tidal volume" = Atemzugvolumen, i.e. the volume of air that is inhaled by one breath. Maybe the origin is the similar "tidal" effect for water.

    I have no idea what a "Tidalschleife" is, and Google doesn't find this word. Possibly a device in loop form to measure the tidal volume, but I don't know the context.

    The term "flow volume loop" seems to exist, and it describes some measurements over a complete respiratory cycle:

    Maybe "Tidalschleife" is a German expression for it.

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