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Kolya vs Kalyan

Recently I've got acquainted with a guy called Kalyan (Nepalese). When he introduced himself I smiled. He also mentioned that when he introduce himself to Russians, they always laugh. And he asked me why.

Question to learners: do u see any difference between Russian names Коля (Kolya) and Колян (Kalyan)? If yes, how do u perceive it?
Question to natives: how would u explain this difference to a foreigner? (Сейчас не берем в расчет слово "кальян").

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    It's possible to say Kolyan instead of Kolya but in case you know him very good and you are sort of friends. It's not polite to call stranger by this name.

    Kolyan sounds more brutal. Plus this form ends with a consonant - that makes the name more masculine. But this form is used only in a very close man-friendship...

    It's friendly forms of the name Nicholai (Nicholas).

    "Kolya" is often used when referring to a child or your buddy.

    "Kalyan" is informal a youth version. It sounds more cool and manly.
    Commonly used among teenagers, or in friendly company of men.
    example of use: "Hey Kalyan, how are you doing man?"

    Лет эдак 50 тому назад форма КАЛЯН, ТОЛЯН, ВАСЯН и пр. использовалась в молодёжной среде, среди туристов разного толка. Подчёркивалась принадлежность к клану.

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