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Can anyone give me a list of important starter vocabulary for someone learning arabic?


Household objects, colours, body parts, etc. I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could give the Arabic word, the English meaning, and the transliteration of the Arabic spelling :)

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    You can find here many books, stories audio voices I have made before for beginners and intermediate students in Arabic:
    Good luck

    with sound and image :

    there are 4 CDs to learn Arabic

    * CD 1(alaphet) : to learn Arabic sounds system ,, you can hear words and see animation with voice

    download links :
    1 ::

    2 ::
    part 3:

    CD 2 (vocabulary): learn arabic words which used in life situations

    download links :

    part 1 :

    part 2 :

    CD 3 (conversation): learn to communicate in arabic ..

    links :

    part1 :

    part2 :

    part 3 :

    part 4 :

    CD 4 (grammar): multiple presentation, intriguing exercises and games

    links :

    part 1 :

    part 2:

    part 3 :

    finally i hope that help you :)

    look amanda u can search on youtube or google but if u want need to ask abt anything i can help on skype :)

    I highly recommend the vocabulary lists on They are listed in standard and in Egyptian, with pronunciation guides too.

    Are you learning standard arabic or a dialect? I'm learning Egyptian arabic and I highly recommend The Rough Guide Phrasebook Egyptian Arabic.

    Whatever vocabularies you may learn, You need to be instructed verbally by a native speaker.

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