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is "너 나 살해" correct?

so i'm trying to understand the formation of You + Me in a sentence and i understand the placement is correct, but did i leave out any particles? and i hope 살해 is the word for the action of killing - i created a facebook specifically for korean, so i pick up things from natives. Also, if it's a little too literal, i understand that's an issue in Korean when one's trying to be poetic or such...?

P.S. Trying to say "you're killing me"/"you kill me"

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    "넌 날 죽이고 있어" = "You are killing me" 넌 = 너는, which is object particle, and 날 = 나는, which is subject particle. 죽이다 = to kill, 고 있다 = to be -ing (basic construction), so the structure will be "subject" + "object" + "verb stem" + "basic construction"

    "넌 날 죽이고 있어" is more correct.

    I guess You got the sentence wrong. Noone use like this" 너 나 살해" I think that would be "너 나 잘해"

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