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유리아, 태연아


한국인들이 친구의 관심을 받으려고 노력할 때 가끔 이름을 끝에 '아'를 추가해요. 예를 들면: 유리아, 태연아... 왜요?


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    Korean people call "others' name + 아 or 야" very very naturally if they are familiar with each other.
    It is not for trying to get a person's interest.
    if we meet a unfamiliar person, we call "이름+씨" like as "Mr(Ms)+Last name in English.
    We say to even pets(cat, dog) "고양이야", "강아지야".
    Because we heard the calling way to our parents since we were a baby.
    If we should give you the reason(why), we call "name+아(야)" for showing friendliness to others.(the nuance).
    And, we can call all things like that way. 나의 장난감아, 자동차야, 장미꽃아, 나뭇잎아, 나무야.

    In addition, if a name doesn't have "받침", you should add "야". ex) 유리야, 소희야, 승기야.
    if a name has "받침", you should add "아". ex) 태연아, 병헌아, 빅뱅아

    Yulia casual ah

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