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How hard is it to learn Hokkien?

Hi I am interested in learning Hokkien (specifically Taiwanese Hokkien).
I want to learn for several reasons:

My grandma and grandpa both only speak Hokkien (and I would like the ability to at least speak a little with them)

It would be kind of useful for my career (considering that a good number of people in Singapore and Malaysia also speak some variation of Hokkien)

Hokkien has some of the most colorful/descriptive expressions (yes, especially the expletives XD)

So my question is, how hard is Hokkien to learn? Is it any easier for someone who is also learning Mandarin?

Much thanks ^ ^ !

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    it's harder than the chinese official language. for example it has 9 accents while the official language has just 4....
    trust me, the official language is the easiest for u. in fact, this is why we make the official language like that....
    it is simplified to allow the communication between chinese and foreigners easier.
    however, we have to lose some very very special cultural phenomenon in the simplified language...

    but if u need to learn hokkien for a job, u have no choice...
    good luck

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