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Difference between مازال and ظل

Can someone please explain me the difference between these two verbs? I received contradictory explanations... My teacher focused on the fact that مازال means "to still be", and ظل means "to continue to be", but I really have a hard time in grasping the practical difference. I only know that when you first use كان then you have to use مازال, but I wonder if that's all or there are things that make the difference. I asked a couple of friend of mine for clarification and one of them told me that "مازال" is for something you're still doing, whilst ظل is for something you kept doing for a while but are no longer doing... Is that true?
Thanks to all those who will answer.

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    I guess examples are better than lesson
    1 - ظلّ = keep on doing something = to continue doing something = to do something many time
    - We kept on driving all night = ظلّلنا نقود طوال الليل
    - That man keeps on looking at me = هذا الرجل ظلّ ينظر إلي
    2 - مازال = لايزال = still
    - Do you still live in London? = هل مازلت (لازلت) تعيش في لندن؟
    - Is it still raining? = هل مازالت (لازالت) تمطر؟

    That's all.

    hello :D
    the diffrence between the two words "ظل " and " مازال " just the period like your friend told you

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