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Could 'whom' be used to refer to animals?

This sudden uprising of the creatures, whom they were used to beating and whipping just as they chose, frightened them.

If I substitute 'which' for 'whom' , the meaning of the sentence is not as clear as the original one. However, I'm not sure if I could use 'whom' to denote 'the creatures - the cows'. Could you please give some suggestions? Thank you.

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    I think you'll get misleading answers simply because you took the sentence out of context (and added a comma... tsk).

    This quote is from Animal Farm, by George Orwell. He certainly uses "whom" in the text. However, please remember that these animals are given human personalities in the story, so "whom" is perfectly correct when referring to them.

    Outside of that very particular context, you should use "which".

    I think not .

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