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The proper meaning in English for '봄처녀' and '잘 받아먹는 편'

I came accross this word '봄처녀' yesterday but I couldn't find its meaning anywhere. If I could guess the rough meaning of it I would say 'blooming unmarried woman' but that doesn't sound right. and another word is '잘 받아먹는 편'. Does it means ' very well fed'? It's so frustrating for not knowing the proper meaning of it. Hope you can help me figure this out. Thank you so much! (^____^)

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    봄처녀 means 'girl like spring'. In spring, flowers and leaves are blooming splendidly and weather is warm and clear. So 봄처녀 is a girl who seems pure and like flowers.

    And '잘 받아먹는 편': taking and eating foods easily. I confuse whether I translate it more exactly.

    Thank you.

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