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What does the verb "tarryhoot" mean?


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    I have never seen or heard it used in actual speech or text. But I looked it up online, and it is defined as "Go about with much noise and fuss; gallivant around." Basically, it means moving around and making noise.


    "But, as it turned out, Mama got plumb tickled when I called her out to the porch and set the baby mink down and it began to tarryhoot around. “It looks kind of like them pictures of the rich women in the Sears-Roebuck catalog,” Mama allowed. “The little hussy!" - Old Crip

    You can guess the meaning from the context.

    We still use "gallivanting around", "gallivanting off" and "out gallivanting". Notice that we almost always use it in the continuous sense in a sentence. I think the word is too wonderful to be replaced with a "modern equivalent". :) There's "gad about", but that's an even older expression.

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