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what exactly ??

Merhaba arkaşlar
Hi friends ... i have a question please :
yukarda ...üstünde
some times i use the wrong word what exactly the meaning of each word ??
Tjank you

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    Üstünde is the preposition 'on':

    Masanın üstünde bir kitap var. (There is a book on the table)

    Altında is the preposition 'under':

    Kedi koltuğun altında. (The cat is under the sofa)

    They show locative case. And they are always used with genitive case of the previous noun:
    MasaNIN altında/üstünde.

    But yukarıda and aşağıda are local adverbs. They show locative case, too. We use them with the verbs like to stay, to be etc.

    Ali yukarıda. (Ali is upstairs)

    Ev aşağıda. (The house is beneath)

    The correct forms of these words; ÜSTÜNDE/ALTINDA - YUKARIDA/AŞAĞIDA

    yukarda means up
    üstünde means it's on top of something
    aşağinda means it's under something
    altında means it's beneath something
    the last two one are a little bit trickier than the first ones.

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