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Does anyone have any suggestions on some italian musical artists, the genre doesn't matter!

i'm lookin for music to help me with the pronounications of italian. if you have any suggestions please let me know.. grazie!

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    Fabrizio De Andre' songs... i think he is the best!
    I am Italian and i can suggest you:
    Negramaro;andrea bocelli
    battisti(beautifull lyrics),De gregori,Battiato(old ones)
    vasco rossi;ligabue;francesco renga
    elisa;laura pausini;Mango
    If you're looking for some old music, I think Branduardi, Fabrizio de Andre, Roberto Vecchioni are an amazing choice.
    If you wanna listen to some more modern music, I suggest Caparezza and Baustelle

    Don't forget Giorgia
    Neri per caso, Zuchero, Elisa, Franco Battiato... E molte altri.
    Ah I really love the Italian singer Ligabue. You can check some of his songs on youtube:

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