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First sentence from a song

This is the first sentence (or line) from a Disney song:


Can anyone tell me what words are here? And the meaning of the words? Thank you!

By the way, this is the song "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast in Thai.

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    อยู่มานาน mean lived for a long time, stay for a long time
    อยู่ = live,stay
    มา = come
    นาน = long time

    มานาน in this case, it's telling that you do something for a long period of time.
    ex. I live here for a long time.
    I stay here for a long time.
    I'm in the same position for a long time but don't get a promotion.

    รอ/มานาน = wait for a long time
    หา/มานาน = find for a long time
    ทำงาน/มานาน = work for a long time

    Note: If you add "ตั้ง" like มาตั้งนาน it's make the sentence more "bold", use with friends.

    When your friends is late and you wait them for an 2 hours and you get a bit upset.
    So when them come you say "ฉันรอพวกเธอมาตั้งนาน" = I've waited you guys for so long.

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