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I am going to study Swedish for a few months between now and a holiday there in the Summer.

I just wondered whether any native speakers have any tips on pronunciation. Perhaps mistakes that non-native speakers often make. I like to get a basic idea of how real Swedish sounds before I start learning and speaking.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi, well let me start from telling you that I am not a native Swedish speaker, I have just lived, worked and studied in Sweden for almost 2 years now so I can share some of my learning and living experience with you.
    Swedish language has a very special accent (I call it melody) when it comes to oral speaking and also new letters, specifically vowels that might have an interesting pronunciation if you haven't studied languages like German before, for example: å,ö and ä. Also there is the word "sju" which has a kind of complicated for some and easier for others, pronunciation.

    For me Swedish has been the hardest language to learn, specially when it comes to speak it but I have managed, it is definitely not impossible. So, you and everybody else who would like to give it a try, can definitely do it! It does take a lot of pracitce and study, I believe every language does.

    Good luck with your studies!

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