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How to know ?

Merhaba arkadaşlar ...Nasılsınız :)
Hi friends ..How are you ..
İ have a question please :
there are :Burada ...burası
Şurada ..şurası
Orada ...orası
Now can i know to use them in the best way ..there is a little different i think ..
Thank you

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    burada/şurada/orada are local adverbs which are the case of locative:

    Ahmet burada: Ahmet is here.
    Kitap şurada: The book is just there.
    Dağ orada: The mountain is there.

    But bura(sı)/şura(sı)/ora(sı) are noun which are in the case of nominative. So we use them as noun and subject/object.

    Bura(sı) güzel bir yer(dir): This is a good place. (This place)
    Şura(sı) bizim köyümüz(dür): This/that (place) is our village.
    Ora(sı) Ali'nin evi(dir): That (place) is Ali's house.

    Bura is here.
    Şura is between here and there. The place must be close, but further than 'here' and closer than 'there'.
    Ora is there.

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