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你爱吃什么?What is your favorite dish? 好きな食べ物は何ですか?

I love to eat and try new foods. Please recommend some of your favorite dishes, so I can try it next time when I see it on the menu.

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    我酷爱China food。我喜欢吃川菜和湘菜,其中宫保鸡丁是我的最爱。^^

    Indonesian foods! hahaha
    there r so yummyyy~
    tell me if u r in indonesia then i'll suggest some.. ^o^



    妈咪的卤猪脚。。。家的感觉^^but,it's a secret recipe.only in my family...^^
    if you are going to eat something dilicious in the restourants...
    i think it depends,depends on where and which restourant u go...
    maybe this question will be more suitable before ur vacation^^

    i like to eat spicy food such as tom yam.

    Chinese food^^ especially '川菜', if u have the chance to go to a '干锅' restaurant, enjoy it!
    and i love Greece food too.

    try '干锅'! ^^
    中国八大菜系,我爱吃中国菜。Do you like eating chinese food?

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