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How do you say "I am" in Korean?

I want to learn to say: I am, You are, He is, She is, it is, we are, you(plural) are, they are I believe this can be a good beginning.

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    I am __ : 저는 __ 입니다.
    You are __ : 당신은 __ 입니다.
    He is __ : 그는 __ 입니다.
    She is __ : 그녀는 __ 입니다.
    It is __ : 이것은 __ 입니다.
    We are __ : 우리는 __ 입니다.
    You (plural) are __ : 여러분은 __ 입니다.
    They are __ : 그들은 __ 입니다.

    As Richardus expalined, there is no person/gender/number agreement in Korean.

    Korean does not have a particular ending for each pronoun. You only have several endings to show the level of politeness. The "dictionary form" of the verb to be is 이다, but depending on the person to whom you are talking to, you can say 입니다, 이세요 etc.
    Ricardo입니다 / Ricardo에요 (I am Richardus)
    누구세요? (Who are you? Polite way)
    누구십니까? (Who are you? Quite formal)

    Out of context, 이다 (or any of its forms) could mean I/You/He/She/It/We is/am/are.

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