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Is there a difference between Cantonese spoken in Guangdong and Hong Kong?

And if so, what are these differences? Am I more likely to find movies or material from Guangdong or Hong Kong?

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    I am sure there are... However, I can tell you some of the differences between HK and South East Asia...

    HK SE Asia
    Canton 廣東 廣府
    Clever 叻 pan lay (don't know the characters) from Malay
    rice noodles 河粉 粿條 (gwai tiu [first tone]) Hokkien/Teochew influenced.


    yes, there is a little bit difference between HK and GuangZhou, but just little and almost they are same.


    yes but very minor, more or less similar or even minor than the difference between British English and American English. TV dramas in HK are all in Cantonese. My friends/students from Mainland watch them to assist in learning the language too.

    almost the same . maybe HongKong's cantonese is more standard but we can understand each other . so there are less influence in the choice of learning materials in Guangdong or Hong Kong.

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