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whats ur likes and dislikes about Turkiye?

or with which speciality do you know Türkiye?

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    I love...
    kültür, people, yemek, müzik, mimari, arkadaş, aile, tarih, kır manzarası... I love it all! I also love Turkish pride and their big hearts.

    I don't like...
    yoksulluk...some places are very poor I think
    Dalaman havalimanı :o)

    i like the language because it's different from the others. it has ^¨ ^àç. and all these small thins that make it some special. also the food we say tha you have some delicious sweets. it's true?
    i love also the people because they seems like arabic one; they are kind and have the same traditions.
    what do you know more about it?

    The best thing in Turkey it's nature

    I like Turkey because of its culture and tradition, the people are so hospitable and welcoming, they made me feel like part of the family and not some foreigner just in their country for a holiday. My dislike of Turkey is when i have to get on the plane and leave my second home :(

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