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Expressing opinion...

Can you tell me some useful phrases for expressing opinion or thoughts in Serbian? So far, I have thought of

Što se mene tiče
Po mom mišljenju

How do you say "I would say that..."? (Ja bih rekao da...????)
If you can think of any other cool, useful conversational phrases, that would be good too!

Thank you!
Hvala vam!

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    I took the German/Serbian list that Sina posted a link to and I've translated it into English. This should be pretty comprehensive as far as the opinions and general conversations go.

    I think that - Mislim da
    I believe that - Verujem da
    My stand is that - Stojim na stanovištu da
    My opinion is - Moje mišljenje je
    I say - Ja kažem / Po meni
    That's what I think, too - I ja mislim tako
    I want to say that - Hoću reći da
    I would say that - Rekao/rekla bih da
    I just wanted to say that - Želim samo da kažem da...
    Can I say something? - Mogu li nešto reći?
    I would like to add - Dodao bih još...
    I'd like to clarify something - Hoću nešto razjasniti
    If I understand correctly - Ako dobro razumem
    If I understood correctly - Ako sam dobro shvatio/la
    Sorry for interrupting but - Izvinite što te/Vas prekidam, ali...
    I agree - Slažem se
    That's what I think - Tako mislim
    That's what I believe - U to verujem
    That I believe - To verujem
    That I can believe - To mogu da verujem
    I am sure about that - Siguran/sigurna sam o tome
    I am sure that - Siguran/sigurna sam da...
    Definitely - Sigurno
    That's very important to me - To je vrlo važno ZA mene
    I'm sorry, I didn't hear that - Izvinite, ali nisam čuo/čula
    I'm sorry but I'm in a hurry - Izvinite, ali žurim
    Can you repeat that, please - Ponovite još jednom, molim
    The problem is that - Problem je to da
    That's all I wanted to say about that - To je sve što sam o tome hteo/htela reći
    That's all I could say you about that - To je sve što o tome mogu reći
    That's all I know about that - To je sve što znam o tome
    As far as ... is concerned - Što se tiče...
    Regarding... - U vezi...


    Hi Stuart,
    I don´t know if this is useful to you because it is German-Serbian.

    Send me your list of the phrases in English Stuard !

    Ha ha ha… You nailed a very Serbian topic right on the head: expressing opinions. That's the only thing that Serbs like more than drinking coffee and smoking! You better get your magic vocabulary powers on for sparring in that game !!! :)

    Here are some off top of my head. You can (or should) usually add "da..." to the end as in "that..." in order to continue the sentence:
    I would say that... - Rekao bih da...
    I think - Ja mislim
    I am convinced - Ubedjen sam
    I agree - Slažem se (rarely used as they find it hard to agree :)
    I disagree - Ne slažem se (you're a Brit, it's expected to be polite :)
    I can't say I agree (with you) - Ne mogu reći da se slažem (s tobom / sa vama)

    The ones that you will most often hear from them are:
    Da ti objasnim ja nešto - Let me explain something to you
    Sad ću ja da ti objasnim - I'll explain it to you right now
    Da ti kažem ja nešto - Let me tell you something
    Slušaj, brate, nemaju oni pojma - Listen, buddy, they have no clue
    Ma šta oni znaju - What do they know
    Ma šta lupaš? - What are you blabbing about? (lupati - talking nonsense)
    Slušaj ti mene - Listen to me
    Ma kakvi - No way (not correct, not true)
    Nije istina - Not true
    To nije istina - That's not true
    Šta, bre? Ma jok! - What? No way! (with Turkish seasoning)
    Šta znaju Ameri? - What do the Americans know? (meaning nothing)

    The best ones use some juicy curse words but I'm afraid this site is not an appropriate place to share them! Hope these help and they don't get you in any fights you wouldn't otherwise be in :)

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