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how do i say in hindi ?

Don't leave me cause you're my oxygen .without you I won't breathe
You're everything I want and I need.
I have everything with you ,but I have nothing without you.

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    १. मुझे छोड़ के मत जाओ क्यूंकी तुम मेरी सांस हो | तुम्हारे बिना मे जी नही सकता |
    (Rough Translation: Don't leave me because you're my breath. I can't live without you)

    Alternative : क्या भला अस्तित्व तुम्हारे बिना | तुम मेरी सांस हो |
    (Rough Translation: What good is (my) existence without you. You are my breath)

    २. तुम मेरी चाहत और ज़रूरत हो |
    (Roughly translates to : You are my want and my need)

    ३. तुम हो तो सबकुछ है और तुम नही तो कुछ भी नही |
    (Rough Translation: When you're with me I have everything (i want) and without you I am nothing).


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