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支える vs サポートする

Hi, wondering if there is a different in nuance between 支える and サポートする when you want to say 'support someone' i.e. want them to do well? Or is this meaning completely different between the two?

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    It depends on the context, I think! If you are talking about helping someone through a course or something quite generic and unemotional, I think サポートする is better. However, if the problem is deep-rooted, emotional, or on a personal level, I think 支える is better. But I have known サポートする to be used informally amongst friends, even for emotional troubles.

    Although it is based on what I have experienced so far, it may not be true though, it's merely my speculation! Hope it helps!

    支える:「ささえる」and「つかえる」,there are two pronunciations.

    「ささえる」means brace、support and stop.
    「つかえる」means occlusion、 can't execute、also means depressed。

    サポート:外来語、support only .
    My experience is the same as upstairs...
    Hope it helps, too! (≧∇≦)

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