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수철이는 열 네 살입니다.

I have found this sentence. I am confused 'cause I see topic marker after subject marker. I have thought that after noun comes subject marker or topic marker, not both of them.

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    수철이는 열 네 살입니다.

    In the phrase "수철-이-는" the suffix '-이' is used for making its pronuncation more easy. That's an epenthesis vowel. And this suffix '-이' is used only when addressing one's frirends or inferior. You should not use it for your elder or superior.

    수철이는 열네 살입니다.
    수철은 열네 살 입니다.

    For examples,
    갑순, 갑돌, 춘향, 향단, 수철
    갑순-이, 갑돌-이, 춘향-이, 향단-이, 수철-이


    Hi there.

    이 is not the subject marking particle here. It is a linking element that is often in casual/low-formal speech to link a noun ending with a 받침 (i.e. a consonant) and the particle.
    The construction then is 수철 + 이 (linking element) + 는 (topic marking particle).

    Hope that helped.

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