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جميع / أجمع / جميعاً

is there any difference between them?

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    They have the same meaning, but different usage.
    جميع always comes before the word, for example:
    جميع الناس = all people
    أخذت جميع الأشياء = I took all the things
    It's used the same way as كل

    اجمع comes after the word, for example:
    العالم اجمع = the whole world/all the world
    And it have another forms like أجمعين so I think you should avoid using it now because it can be confusing.

    جميعا is adverb, it comes after the verb.
    ذهبنا جميعاً =we all went.

    Sorry for my bad English.
    Hope this helps.

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