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What's honey/sweetheart in korean??

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    I would say that there is not an exactly same word for honey/sweetheart in Korean. In dictionary, 여보(yeobo), 자기(jagi) were registered, but they don't include the meaning of honey/sweetheart. It is because traditionally, a husband and a wife were in a relatioship based on trust and respect rather than sweetness.
    I would say that honey/sweetheat meas the nam that each calls the lover.
    If you have a person loving you, the peson will call you honey/sweettheart.
    In Korea, we translate honey /sweettheart into 여보(yeobo), 자기(jagi), 애인(aein)
    Do you think that my answer help you understand? If you have any questions, Please leave a massege in my e-mail. thank you.


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