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about Kostenstellenbericht

collumn 1: Geb.01.13-12.13 ???
Collumn 2: Abgrunzung (i understand this one, it means delimitation)
collumn 3: Abgr.Jahresanf. ????
Collumn 4: Proz. ???
Collumn 5: Berichtsztr. =report center???
it is about construction work
it gives only figures to these 5 collumns, i do not understand the meaning of these columns

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    In my opinion, the abbriviations have the following meaning:
    collumn 1: Geb.01.13-12.13 ==> Gebühren(zeitraum)
    Collumn 2: Abgrunzung ==> Abgrenzung (also: Begrenzung)
    collumn 3: Abgr.Jahresanf. ==> Abgrenzung Jahresanfang
    Collumn 4: Proz. ==> Prozent
    Collumn 5: Berichtsztr. ==> Berichtszeitraum
    I hope this helps !
    Beste Grüße aus Wien

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