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im vs. in

1. im Zweifel = in doubt
2. etw in Zweifel ziehen = to call sth into question

If "in doubt" is "im Zweifel" (with "im"), why is "in Zweifel" (with "in") in "etw in Zweifel ziehen"?

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    Because as a rule, "in + Dat." is used for a location (or some state in a more general sense), and "in + Akk." for a direction (or a target/goal etc.).

    In the same way, you say "Ich bin in der Schule" (location) but "Ich gehe in die Schule" (direction).

    Additionally, the verb determines the cases ("das Verb regiert den Satz"). In accordance to the above rule, the pattern for "ziehen" is indeed "etwas (Akk) in etwas (Akk) ziehen", but the verb might require different cases. You need to learn the verbs together with the pattern.

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