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    झगड़ा- Argument, Fight

    झगड़ा मत करो (Don't argue/fight)

    तमाशा- A spectacle, a dramatic argument which has many spectators

    पूरे मोहल्ले के सामने तमाशा मत करो (Don't create a scene in front of the whole neighbourhood)

    उसने तो मेरा तमाशा बना दिया (He/She made a spectacle out of me- Usually means that a person got insulted by someone)

    मज़ा- A feeling of fun/ a refreshing emotion

    आज फिल्म देख के मज़ा आ गया (It was so much fun to watch the movie today)

    ठंडा नींबू पानी पी के मज़ा आ गया (I feel so refreshed after drinking cold lemonade)

    मस्त- Carefree/Free spirited (The adjective मस्तमौला is commonly used too, it means free spirited person); in modern slang can also be said to mean 'good'

    उस लड़के का मिज़ाज़ बहुत मस्त है (That guy has a very free personality)

    फिल्म बहुत मस्त थी (The movie was really good); However if you're learning formal, polite Hindi to be used in Business/Professional context only then I don't recommend using this word Mast as a substitute for Good since it's a slang word.

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