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Comment dit-on "to be hooked on / to be addicted to / to really love" en français?


I have provided an example demonstrating the context that I am interested in. All three examples me the same thing but use synonyms. If you could also translate this for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. I think in English it has a slightly stronger feeling than just saying that you love something. It is like a love for something that is so deep that you go a little insane too, know what I mean? You're so addicted to a particular object.

1. I'm HOOKED on iced coffee! It's my favorite drink!

2. I'm addicted to iced coffee! It's my favorite drink!

3. I LOOOOVE iced coffee! It's my favorite drink!

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    This is a very good question, and the answer is much more of a cultural point than one of language.

    From my experience, having lived/worked in France as well as being married to a French woman, I can definitely say the French have a particular dislike for hyperbole. Using it will make them think you are prone to exaggeration. Therefore, I would simply use "j'aime bien," "j'adore," or the more familiar "je suis accro à..." (addicted to) for these instances you mentioned.

    As Americans, speaking this way naturally feels like it is not quite conveying what we would like to say sometimes because the expression is not strong enough. We like to use bold statements are broad expressions, but the French are very conservative in that regard. For this reason also, "je t'aime" is the strongest way you can say "I love you." Anything you add to it will take away from its purity and measure. "Je t'aime bien" therefore simply means "I really like you (as a friend)."

    The way they see it, if you use extreme expressions consistently for things like, "this cheeseburger is AMAZING," then what words would have left when you wanted to describe a truly awe-inspiring event?

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