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May I use both or either:



我有东西吃饭 (is this one incorrect, if so, why?)

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    我有东西吃:I have someting to eat
    我有东西吃饭:I have something have dinner
    this is why in enlish we have the "to" before verb in this case...:D
    the western languages are much more logical than chinese
    我有东西吃:here 吃 is a verb which express "to + verb"
    in fact it is like this: 我有东西(去)吃 but we never say like this.......

    anyway, 吃 can be used as "to 吃" but 吃饭 cant use like this.....

    no reason. just remember it------a single character verb can be use as "to + verb"


    I don't get it.我有东西吃means I have some food to eat.
    我有东西吃饭 is wrong。If you want to say that you will have breakfast/lunch/dinner,you can say 吃早/中/晚饭.

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