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Can you help me learn Madarin?

Hi. I just started learning Mandarin Chinese. I am looking for some language partners who can teach me Chinese over italki message. I can teach English in exchange for lessons. I also would like to learn all about the Chinese Calture, history, people, food, art, ext... Though I am still a middle school student I can and will learn quickly. I have been all over the world, and I would love to talk about travel. I have many interests, and would like to learn to comunicate fluently so I can express myself well.

Please message me f you would be interested!

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
Category: Other



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    Hi Isabella, I'm also very interested in learning language and need to practice. I love travel though I haven't go many places before, and love to tell you something of our culture and history. I'm sure we'll have lots of things to talk. Besides, I'm a very patient person, I will help you to learn standard of Chinese! My skape is: darryring123, add me, please~

    we can help each other

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