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Russian Grammar ><

Can someone please explain Perfective and Imperfective aspects in Russian? And can someone please use verb examples please? Спасибо!

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    The perfective aspect is for actions that have been completed in the past (one time, completely), or will take place once in the future (the perfective aspect emphasizes the success of the action – whether it was completed) Так я приведу несколько примеров для вас - Я прочитал книгу Булгакова "Мастер и Маргарита" (this means that you read Master and Margarita from beginning to end) Я читал книгу Булгакова (I read the Master and Margarita partially, but I didn't finish.)
    The imperfective is used for actions that repeat continously, and/or are not completed, and it is the sole aspect used in the present tense. Мы говорим всегда с бабушкой, которая посещает нас на выходных. If you want to say "We always speak to our grandmother, who visits us on the weekends." then this implies something happening frequently, not just one time.

    If this doesn't make sense, think of some of our tenses – "I read the newspaper" imperfective "I had read the newspaper from yesterday." perfective. Hope this helps! I am really glad you have chosen to study Russian! :)


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