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which one is correct?:D


1. he is a regular in that cafe.
2. he is a regular of that cafe.
---I always dont know to use in or of to express a person belongs to a place....

3. there are thousands of people.
4. there are thousands people.

which one in each group is correct?Could you do me a favor? Thank you very much!

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    For the first two, it's "of" that cafe if you are saying that he belongs to it. If you say "in" that cafe, that emphasizes his existence of being inside. Both are correct, but "of" has a more neutral tone to it (making it sound more natural) without including any extra information.

    For #3 and #4, only one is correct, and that would be #3. Thousands is a noun. It can only belong to something, but never directly describe something.

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