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are theses sentences right?

I took a look at the shoe store.

We glanced at him discretely when we thought that he wasn't looking.

She took a gander at the book that I was reading.

Let's have a squint at your new outfit.

I am going to squint at the new TV show.

Bella peeked to the right but she saw nothing there

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    the term "gander" is correct, but isn't used much here in the US.

    "squint" is used when it is difficult to see something, so you close your eyes partly to see when things are very bright. Or it could be used when people have bad eyesight and are trying to see better without glasses.

    When I left the movie theater, the sun was so bright I had to squint to see where I was going
    She left her glasses at home, so she had to squint to read the road sign.


    Are *these* sentences *correct*? (typo?) Todas las otras frases eran correctas.

    Let's have a *look* a the new TV show.

    I am going to *have a look/take a look* at the new TV show.

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