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1. Diese Regel mußt du dir aneignen

be rephrased as

2. Du mußt dir diese Regel aneignen


If not, why not?

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    Yes, you can rephrase it. In (1), "diese Regel" is emphasized, not because of "diese", but because of the position. English uses a "it is X which" construction for this: "It is this rule which you have to learn" instead of "you have to learn this rule".

    "Diese" isn't really used for emphasis, but as demonstrative pronoun (think someone is pointing to it, though of course that doesn't make sense for abstract words). (2) is normal word order (subject before dative object before accusative object).


    I'd like to know the answer to this too. I wonder if in the second one "diese Regal" is just emphasized less or whether because "diese" emphasizes the noun it modifies it requires the whole thing to be fronted in the sentence.

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