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Can someone translate this into English for me? It's from a story by Marcel Aymé

Le vieil Olgerson, premier peintre du nom, avait eu onze filles et sept garçons, tous également doués pour la peinture. Ces dix-huit Olgerson firent de très belles carrières, vécurent pensionnés, choyés, décorés, mais aucun n'eut d'enfants. Le vieillard, froissé de voir ainsi s'éteindre une postérité pour laquelle il avait tant fait, épousa la fille d'un chasseur d'ours et, à l'âge de quatre-vingt-cinq ans, engendra un fils qu'il prénomma Hans. Après quoi, il mourut tranquille.

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    The old Olgerson, first painter of his kin, had eleven girls and seven boys, all also gifted for painting. These eighteen Olgerson all had very good careers, retired, were cosseted, honoured, but none had children. The old man, hurt and sad to see his posterity for which he worked so hard come to an end, married the daughter of a bear hunter and, at the age of eighty five, had a son whom he called Hans. After that, he died quietly.

    Didn't check the internet for an "official" translation, this is mine so probably not perfect ;-)

    Hope it helps!

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