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In a way

en cierto modo de alguna manera de algún modo en cierta forma en una forma

These words are all given in the dictionary as ways of saying "in a way". Does it matter which you use?

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    They all mean the same and most of the time you can interchange them freely... but common use, some combinations may sound less natural, though, not grammatically incorrect.

    For example, you can say:

    Este trabajo en cierta forma me acomoda
    This job, in a way, suits me.

    But it would sound unnatural to say:
    Este trabajo en una forma me acomoda...
    (I do not think I know anyone who would say it that way, though, people from other regions may have a different opinion).

    Now, I would use "una" in case I will describe in which way it affects me.

    Este trabajo me acomoda en una forma particularmente adecuada.
    This job suits me in a particularly adequate way.

    My recommendation is getting used to the way things are said from exposure to movies, music or books.

    I hope this helps you.

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