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usage of "別提了"

Hi I have a question about how to use "別提了"

I know that it means "don't mention it"

but is the context : "don't mention it" as in "I don't want to talk about it"

or "don't mention it" as in "no problem" (when doing something for someone)


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    this is kind of slang
    its hard to translate exactly. I give u an example here:
    u had an exam yesterday and u messed it up. today ur friend ask u: 昨天的考试怎么样?
    u said:别提了!我考砸了

    here, i think we can translate 别提了 into "f***" or "shit" or even just a "ohhh"
    别提了 can be translated into "I dont want to talk about it" BUT ur friend can continue talking about this with u......
    别提了 means: I messed it up, so this gave me a bad mood.
    so it DOESN'T means exactly "i dont want to talk about it"

    another example:
    - 昨天的面试怎么样啊?
    - 别提了,我搞砸了
    - 没关系,你还有很多机会的
    - 恩 明天我打算去另一家公司试试
    - 那你今天为什么能搞砸呢?
    - 因为我太紧张了.......

    u see, even if u have said 别提了, but we can still go on..... :D

    so for some slangs like 别提了, we cant translate it exactly, it just expresses a kind of emotion. if u feel this kind of emotion very well, then u can understand what he is saying. so u dont need to translate it any more :D
    with the different culture, some expression is very hard to translate especially for those slangs

    We usually means that "I don't want to talk about it".

    I don't want to talk about it

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